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DS Water Technology based on a team of professionals and experienced architects and engineers, who have 10 years of technical expertise in swimming pool design, construction and maintenance.

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Its name comes from a device called skimmer.Skimmer type pools are economical and small sized pools. These units takes water from pool directly, pumpsend it to sand filter for filtration process. Skimmer is installed under the top edge of the pools for water suction and water level in these pools are maintained 6 inches below from the top edge.


Overflow pool has at least one edge over or more through which water overflows & creating a dramatic visual effect.Overflow type pools are construct with over flow drain channel on the sides of the pool with top edge and water over flows to the drain this water travel to a balancing tank and then pool pump take the water from balancing tank and feed to the pool this complete the cycle of filtration process.



These pools are purposely built indoor to maintain the temperature of water. Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic whole-body treatment that involves moving and exercising in warm water; essentially physiotherapy in a pool. Hydrotherapy pools are usually different from ordinary pools. Temperature & pressure of water is controlled and changed according to requirements. Suggestible temperature of pool should be 28 degree to 35 degree Celsius.


Jacuzzi is generally constructed from a permanent hard material and is designed to suit your specific tastes. These Jacuzzi spas are actually a type of custom spa that is set into the ground, with the top of the spa located at or near ground level.